Thursday, February 28, 2008

Georgia Justice!

Yet another fugitive covered by America's Most Wanted has been caught:

NEW Zealand fugitive Nai Yin Xue, suspected of murdering his wife and abandoning his toddler daughter, has been arrested in the US.

Mr Xue is suspected of murdering his wife, Anan Liu, in Auckland last September and stuffing her body in the boot of a car.

He is also suspected of dumping his three-year-old daughter, Qian Xun Xue, who became affectionately known as Pumpkin, at a Melbourne train station.

"He was arrested in Atlanta," said Tom Hession, head of the Los Angeles US Marshalls, today.

Mr Xue had been living with members of the Chinese community in the southern US city and his acquaintances tipped off local authorities after seeing news reports about him.

"He was either associated with, or staying with some folks, who realised he was wanted and they called authorities," Mr Hession said.

Mark Johnson of Chamblee Police in Georgia said Mr Xue had been prepared for capture by his informers.

"They took matters into their own hands," he said. "When we arrived he was hog-tied with rope and duct tape."

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