Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Jyllands-Posten newspaper incites Danish Muslims to whine in protest.

I'm taking Michelle Malkin's lead and showing my solidarity with the Danish cartoonists.

This cartoon caused riots around the world, 100 deaths, and a most recently, a foiled murder plot against the cartoonist. In a commendable act of defiance and solidarity, the newspaper dared to reprint the cartoons again.

The newspapers said they republished the cartoon to show their firm commitment to freedom of speech after the arrest Tuesday of three people accused of plotting to kill the man who drew the cartoon depicting the prophet wearing a turban shaped like a bomb with a lit fuse.

Predictably, this action was not well-received.

Danish Muslim leaders condemned the alleged murder plot, but also said reprinting Westergaard's cartoon was the wrong way to protest.

"There could have been other ways to do it without the drawing, which I personally do not like," Abdul Wahid Petersen, a moderate imam, told The Associated Press.

Imam Mostafa Chendid, the leader of the Islamic Faith Community, said his group was considering staging a rally in front of Parliament. The Copenhagen-based group spearheaded protests against the cartoons in 2006.

"We are so unhappy about the cartoon being reprinted," Chendid told the AP. "No blood was ever shed in Denmark because of this, and no blood will be shed. We are trying to calm down people, but let's see what happens. Let's open a dialogue."

Whatever. Why not start a dialogue in their own community, because if a 2 year old cartoon is enough incentive to hatch a murder plot, there is still something rotten within the Muslim "community" in Denmark.

Update: Captain's Quarters shows solidarity too.

Update: Here's a video flashback from Bryan Preston at Hot Air. Taqiyya

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