Sunday, January 27, 2008

Beauty is in the eye of the bureaucrat.

Erect huge pile of hay bales, cover them in ugly blue tarp and old tires, leave them there for 4 years - no problem!

Remove blighted landscape and reveal handsome castle - tear it down or go to jail.

Maybe it's the use of "organic" materials in the hay bales that is appealing to the 21st Century British bureaucrat. In any case, I gather that these wonderfully eccentric 18th century British follies have fallen into disfavor.


The Guy said...

I had to look up "idgit" at the urban dictionary. I always thought it was spelt with a "J"...

The "folies" link isn't working at the moment. Maybe the UK's imams finally got the internet banned there too.

Like your blog, keep up the good work.

Danishova said...

That's odd - The Follies link is working for me. Maybe the imams are at work right here in the USA, covering limited geographical areas. They could be confusing the Folies Bergeres with architectural follies and thus highly motivated.

Anyway, if your interested in flights of architectural fancy you can Google Follies+Britain.