Saturday, January 26, 2008

Incontrovertible proof that some cases of the Earth's warming can be be blamed on man.

In a very popular USA Today piece entitled, Alaska the 'poster state' for climate concerns, we are presented with the usual scenario of impending doom of Biblical proportions due to rising temperatures. And we are told:

The permafrost that underlies much of the central and north of the state is a relic of the last Ice Age. Some of the frozen ground under Fairbanks is 100,000 years old, says Vladimir Romanovsky, a permafrost expert at Fairbanks. And it's now starting to get "slushy."

You know what? That is very true, and here's evidence of this phenomena:

For Ruth Macchione, that meant a more expensive design to her new home after the cabin her husband built in the 1950s sank into the ground. The permafrost under the cabin thawed because the structure wasn't built to keep the ground cold — a key trick in building in cold regions.

Wow. Who woulda thunkit? And get this! Five minutes of research into the topic of building on permafrost also led me to this this amazing scientific fact:

Most houses on permafrost begin to tilt in the direction of their stove or furnace.

So there you have it. Heat melts ice! For those of you who are thinking of building in Alaska, you're very welcome for this free bit of super amazing factual information.

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Ye Gods, we're screwed!!!!