Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You're entitled to your opinion

In an appalling assault on free speech, Ezra Levant, publisher of the now defunct Western Standard has been hauled in front of the Alberta arm of the Canadian Human Rights Commission for publishing the Danish Cartoons which much offended one Syed Soharwardy. Click on the Title for the background.

His persecutor is Shirlene McGovern, and the You Tube videos of his interrogation are priceless. The last one may contain the best example of situational irony evah, in what Ezra describes as a "slip of the tongue".

Iowahawk does a great job of mocking the idiotic bureaucratic commission here.

Just for fun I checked out the Human Rights Commission website, and for some bizarre reason Human Rights and Diversity falls under the purview of Alberta Tourism, Parks, Recreation and Culture. Be careful what you say think at the local playground.

For more indecencies across the border, and what to note what you can do to help end this folly, read all about his comrade Mark Steyn's ordeal here. Depressingly, Steyn has noted that no one has ever won a case brought by the Canadian Thought Police, er, Human Rights Commission.

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