Thursday, January 24, 2008

Did John Edwards call McCain "crazy"?


A source who was present at an Edwards fund raiser reported that he thought McCain was the likely Republican nominee and that McCain was “crazy”—unfit to have his “finger on the button.”

Pshaw. What a silly idea. Dontcha know this is what really happened:

"This is a bungled version of what Edwards said, like a bad game of telephone. As John Edwards has said many times, Democrats would be crazy to nominate the wrong person against John McCain. People will think about whose finger they want on the button and question whether Senator Obama's experience may or may not cut it.

Clearly, bad game of telephone is a euphemism for had too many cocktails. Wasn't it sweet of Edwards not to point out that the source must have been intoxicated and thus got it all wrong.

It's so nice to have civility back in politics again.

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