Friday, January 25, 2008

We had some audio issues and Gov. Romney's mike wasn't working momentarily. Simple as that.

That is the nonsensical response from MSNBC VP for Communications Jeremy Gaines in response to inquiries from Raw Story about the source of the mysterious whisper that was heard during last night's debate Republican Debate.

Moonbats are blaming it on secret transmitters hidden in Mitt's suit or on a campaign aide playing Cyrano de Bergerac and coaching him from backstage.

How long will it it take for MSNBC to admit that it was Brian Williams coaching Tim Russert?


Let's see what some of the Moonbats are saying. This is from Mike Luckovich's AJC blog:


January 25, 2008 1:21 PM

Romney Cheats With an Earpiece! Well folks that’s it for the Mittster - he was caught on tape with an earpiece! Listen for yourself as someone whispers “he raised taxes”

And -


January 25, 2008 1:47 PM

What makes this whisper even more bizarre is the fact the MSNBC’s political blog had a post about it immediately afterward. You can see a screen grab of that post here. They have since removed this particular entry. Odd.

One wonders what ITN thinks happened here. Does he imagine that the Romney campaign conspired with MSNBC to scrub the blog post? Maybe UFOs flew in overnight and aliens did it? Or was it men in black helicopters?

He knows it's odd but he just can't admit that MSNBC is at fault because that would ruin his dearly held conspiracy theory.


No way of knowing who whispered, MSNBC says

Okay, it probably wasn't Brian Williams. It was probably Tim Russert's producer whispering a prompt in his ear. Maybe the ear piece mic fell out. It may not be the first time this happened.

As a commenter at Just One Minute notes -

A few years ago, Russert was interviewing someone, and a microphone fell out of his ear. I think Imus asked him about it, and he made a lot of excuses, but finally admitted that he was taking cues from someone offstage.

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Hello, Danishova.

Well it's true that the amerikan moonbat claims to hear things exceptionally well. Unfortunately, the whisper that they hear is exceptionally wrong and untrue.

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